Specialised translation

Sustainable development and agriculture

Sustainability has become a key concept for many companies and organisations. In this area it is not only essential to ensure internal communication among experts, but also to provide the public with relevant information.

I have done several translation jobs for a German development agency, including different types of texts: project descriptions and evaluations, surveys, fact sheets, PowerPoints, letters, articles for the company’s website…

As a translator at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, I also translate a wide range of official documents in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry, such as import regulations and veterinary certificates.


Legal translation

I translate legal and administrative documents for both the public and private sector. I have broad experience in the following fields: civil procedural law, criminal law, real estate law and corporate law.

Here are some examples of texts I have translated: sales and employment contracts, divorce decrees and regulations.

Besides, I assisted in the compilation of a dictionary on criminal law (Spanish/German).

Marketing and localisation

Do you want that your products cross borders? If you wish to translate your website or you would like that your advertising campaign reaches more clients, Traduríos will find the best language solution.

An internship at an advertising agency and the collaboration with a big translation company have allowed me to strengthen my expertise in this area of specialisation. So far, I have translated product descriptions, customer reviews, advertising campaigns and websites for different industries (food, fashion, sport and art, among others).

Financial translation

In addition to legal translation, my master’s degree focused on financial translation. After finishing my studies, I did an internship at the European Central Bank, where I translated texts in the fields of monetary policy and banking supervision, Therefore, I am acquainted with the stylistic features and terminology of this area of specialisation.

Institutional and business reports, annual reports, regulatory agreements, press releases, market studies… Regardless of the kind of document that needs to be translated, I will help you overcome language barriers.

Literary translation

Translation enriches world literature. Without it, many readers would never have had the opportunity to read novels that have been with them throughout their lives. As an enthusiastic reader, this field of translation fascinates me, as it offers the interesting challenge of translating the specific voice of an author into a foreign language.

So far, I have contributed to the translation and revision of the correspondence between Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse – published in 2019 under the title Correspondencia in Edition Stirner. Furthermore, I have translated short stories from German into Spanish, such as Der Baum und der Vogel, by Clara Michelson.