Spanische Übersetzungen


For specialised translations, my basic rate is €0.16 per word (source text). However, if you want to know the exact price of your project, I would be happy to provide you a free, non-binding quote.

There are some factors that could increase the word price:

– For urgent translations, a 20 % surcharge will apply

– For translating documents in non-editable format, a 10 % surcharge will apply. Please provide me with your files in editable format if possible.

Please note that new clients are required to pay the total amount upfront.

Proofreading and revision rates are based on my hourly rate of €60. The amount of the time needed depends on how many changes are to be made. Would you like to know how much it would cost in advance? I can offer you the possibility of proofreading one hour, so that you can see the improvements and the quality of my work. Should you decide not to proofread the whole text, you will only pay €60.

If the text contains repetitions (75% or more), I offer the following discounts:

75 – 84 % → 70 % of the word rate

85 – 94 % → 60 % of the word rate

95 – 100 % → 30 % of the word rate